Although EW Serfontein & Associates Inc. was established in 1999, our rich history is over sixty years in the making having originated from a partnership known as Nathan Bloch & Gross which was formed in 1949.

About Us

Our practice is situated close to Pretoria’s city centre. This places us in the ideal location to deliver professional legal results from the very hub of the city. We are located close to:

  • North Gauteng High Court
  • The Magistrate’s Court
  • The Registrar of Deeds
  • The Master of the High Court
  • The Commission for Intellectual Property and Companies (The Companies Office)
  • Many other Government and Semi-government institutions

EW Serfontein & Associates Inc. has grown substantially, with a finely tuned focus on building a trusting clientele who rely on our wide-ranging legal services.

Our history of professionalism is a testament to the comprehensive legal services we offer our clientele. This allows us to build strong bonds of trust between our legal team and our clients. By working closely with our clients through constant communication our dedicated team is able to deliver efficient legal results. This approach allows us to perform the mandates with our wide range of necessary expertise and comprehension to reach the most apt legal solutions for each particular case.

We aim to be a safe house for all our clients by acting as an effective and reliable legal service provider. The combination of the prodigious experience of Mr. Serfontein and his highly qualified, specialised staff has resulted in a practice steadfastly focused on delivering the best possible legal results.

Our valued clients

Our valued clients include property managing agents and distinguished shopping centres in the greater Pretoria area. Some of the services we have provided to these and many other satisfied clients include the collection of levies and rentals, providing opinions and advice and a variety of other legal services. We also provide legal assistance to large businesses in Gauteng and offer our services as correspondents for firms across South Africa.

Some of our valued clients include: